Custom Key Chain | Brown Tooled Leather Key Chain with Colorful Design


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{ k e y  c h a i n  d e t a i l s } 

All key chains are made from upcycled belts and hand stamped metals. Each letter is hand stamped which allows your key chain to be one of a kind and perfectly imperfect!

leather length: 3 3/4"

color/style: Brown Tooled Leather Key Chain with Mustard, Blue, White, Red Design

You will receive the key chain pictured above with your words carefully hand stamped.

Your key chain will arrive ready to gift or keep.

{ o r d e r i n g }

Once you’ve decided on a key chain, please provide the following information above:

1. your words - Type the word(s) or number(s) you would like stamped on your key chain in the box above. If you are unsure if your words will fit, please message us prior to ordering.

2. your metal choice - Choose the corresponding number of your metal blank* choice from the drop down menu. Please note: bronze (brownish) colored blanks will come with white lettering and blank may be turned differently than pictured to fit properly on the key chain. Fun shaped blank options are all silver in color and have a slightly shiny finish. Finishes may vary from those shown in the pictures.

*Metal Blank Choice - This is the metal plate on the key chain where your words will be stamped. Please swipe to the second and third pictures to the see metal blank options. Choose the number from the drop down menu that corresponds to the metal blank you'd like. 

{ g i f t i n g }

If you are ordering this as a gift, I would be happy to include a note and ship directly to the recipient. Please check the gift box above. Then during checkout, let us know what you’d like the note to say and provide the recipient's address.

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Thank you so much for choosing your words cuffs and supporting my handmade business. My family and I appreciate you!

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