Our Story

Est. 2014

Traci - Meet the Maker - Your Words CuffsYour words cuffs is a beauty for ashes story in so many ways. Five years ago I found myself at the complete mercy of God while in the midst of the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I longed for a creative outlet - something that would inspire, spread positive messages, and uplift others. The power words have to influence us, along with my passion for people’s stories and learning what words matter to them, was the foundation for this business. At just the right time, a set of metal alphabet stamps and a hammer were for sale on our local swap site. So, I purchased them (I will always be grateful to that sweet lady who sold them to me), grabbed some old belts and began. It immediately gave me that concentrated quiet time with Him to create, just be still, hear His whispers, and remember He is God and He is so so good. It brought such great peace, and at the end of it all I had these cuffs that were unique and so meaningful. I wore the words I needed to be reminded of and there was something so comforting and encouraging about seeing those words on my wrist throughout the day. I loved catching a glimpse of my words and having that sweet little reminder. After wearing my cuffs and being asked about them, your words cuffs was born and I opened my first online store. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful.

Meet the Maker

Meet TraciHey y'all! I’m Traci. Thanks for taking some time to read about me and my handmade business. I am a momma to three and married to a sweet, sweet man. I love Jesus, coffee, the color yellow, laughing real hard, and I truly believe a hot bubble bath cures anything. I also have a deep love for words that encourage and inspire and have meaning - Bible verses, quotes, messages, prints, signs, phrases. This love of words paired with the fact that I have always enjoyed making things, and especially remaking things - taking something discarded and repurposing it – heavily contributed to the beginning of your words cuffs. 

This is a family owned and operated business. All the cuff makin’ is done by me. But I definitely couldn’t do without the help of my sweet hubby, Eric. He is the official snap setter and package taker. He’s also highly qualified in the show set up and break down department, as well as the fixer of anything I need fixed. I truly could not do it without him!

I am so blessed to have the ability be able to do something I adore! It is such an honor and privilege to make something that brings joy, comfort and encouragement to someone else. It's my hope that you will be blessed by the words on your cuff every time you see them. Your words.

xoxo - Traci